Wishes All Year Long

I decided to go wish hunting! The jar is re-purposed, it had pickles in it.

Re-purposed jar

Re-purposed jar


When I first closed the jar it fogged up. Three little bugs came to the top of the jar!

Fogged up jar of wishes

I opened the jar and the three little bugs flew away!

I had to open the jar to let three little bugs out.

I had to open the jar to let three little bugs out.

Top view of the jar of wishes, when I opened the jar to let the bugs out a single wish flew out. It was pretty special.

Top view of jar of wishes

Hey look, it’s my left hand!


**Update 7-2-14** Since I let those first three little bugs out I have had to do the same thing several times now. I currently have two little spiders of a sort living inside the jar.  I expect they might live out there entire lives inside as they refuse to leave! The wish puffs have also condensed down, most likely as the green parts of the heads wither away I expect this to happen more.

***Update 7-16-14*** Many small spiders have made their presence visible inside my jar of wishes. I continually open the jar’s lid in an effort to help the small insects move on but none seem interested in leaving and that’s OK with me too.