Saturn Turns Direct!

Silver RavenWolf- “Saturn turns direct bringing his influence out into the open.Rules and limits?Yes- but vast rewards as well with better personal guidelines. Your Magickal Challenge for Today: Line up 3 small stones. Name 3 things you want to banish. Outside, throw the stones as hard as you can off your property, yelling “Be Gone!” Ahem. Just don’t hit anyone.” (source)

Later today, most likely around sunset (which will be late here in Alaska) I will throw my three stones! I am very much looking forward to Saturn turning direct!

**Update** I did throw my stones, that were actually bigger than most likely necessary just before midnight. It felt great to cast them off!


Peace Water

Peace water is said to be the opposite or the antidote to war water. Peace water is basically layering of a blue liquid and a clear liquid/oil.  I found there are variations of the ingredients in peace water, specifically the dye used and the quality of water that the dye is mixed with.

While in my Internet research of peace water, I came across a video of a very simple recipe to make peace water at home. The video by Dawn Champine can be found on YouTube. All of the ingredients she used, I had on had at home so I decided to start there.

1. Re-purposed small jar (from capers or something)
2. Moon water from the Super Moon July 12, 2014
3. Blue food coloring
4. Oil ~ I used Star Extra Light Olive Oil

First, I cleansed my container and then filled about 3/4 of the way with the moon water and added too many drops of blue food coloring, it was very dark at first. I poured some of the colored moon water out *tsk tsk* and then added a little more until the level of blue I desired was achieved.

Following the blue water I then simply poured the olive oil on top of the water to the top and capped the jar. Being that the jar and lid were from another product previously, I decided to paint the lid and cover the logos printed on it. I used a dark blue nail polish and then followed with a pretty green glitter.

peace water

Peace water in the light.

I made the peace water in the very late evening and it was hard for me to capture a really good photo, it’s much prettier in person.

Peace water with a dark blue night sky background.

Peace water with a dark blue night sky background.

This photo does no justice at all to the peace water, I just really enjoyed the dark blue night sky background. I had to use a second jar to hold it up high enough on the sill.

The peace water after it's first shake.

The peace water after it’s first shake.

I have shaken the peace water several times since I’ve made it. The blue layer still looks very dark for a blue in this photo but I kind of like it. Currently, I have no other intended uses for this outside of sitting on my altar and shaking it as needed.

Salt and Pepper

There is a negative energy directed towards my home and us, as well. Tonight I decided to do some work in regards to such matters with a focus on the use of salt and pepper. There is a long history of salt having protective qualities, to read about using salt in magic visit here.  Black pepper is also known for banishing negativity.

1. I cleansed my home with a bundle of wild harvested sage (purchased here: non-affiliate link) while saying repeatedly “Lord moves thine evil influence!”

2. Followed by a physical cleaning of my home. My preferred method is to physically clean first but I felt I needed to cleanse with sage immediately and so I did.

3. Using a mixture of sea salt and black pepper I deposited pinches of it in the all corners of my home and laid it across the window sills.

4. Using a clean spray bottle I mixed what was left of the salt and pepper into water and sprayed down my doors and door jams and washed them. My front door was the last door I washed.

5. Silver dimes were laid under my door mats.

6. I threw salt out the windows and out the front door cursing the unwanted to never come back!

Once all of that was done, I drank in a cold glass of water feeling blessed and then showered and scrubbed with salt!

First Super Moon

1st super moon of 2014

1st super moon of 2014

It’s not the best photo. The moon itself was absolutely amazing, so large-so bright – it shone like a beacon in the sky! I was incredibly happy to see the moon as the night before there was serious cloud cover and sometimes it’s just not dark enough to see celestial occurrences in Alaska.

For the couple of days before the super moon, I felt extremely bad and it only worsened by Saturday. My body felt racked, exhausted. My emotions were plummeting. Once I saw that bright beacon of a super moon however, my heart soared. Suddenly having more pep I put my magickal items on the window sill, including a jar of water. I cleansed myself and my home with sage and prayers, after that I did two tarot card readings using my “Tarot of the Witches” deck by Fergus Hall. A career reading for my guy and a love reading for me 🙂

We ate some snacks and drank a little ale, it was a good night. Blessed be )0(

White Candle Blessing

White candle blessing spell.

White candle blessing spell.

May of 2014 was a particularly rough month for me. With many various concerns, I felt I was in need of general blessings. I read the info on a spell at one of my favorite sources. The spell actually calls for the name to be carved into the candle but I decided to just write my name instead (lazy.) I also made my oil to bless & anoint the candle with. I melted a bit of the candle and affixed it to the base which is a re-purposed lid from a small jar. Underneath the lid, a bit of my hair.

I burned a bit of the candle everyday, pinching the flame between my fingertips. I said the blessing just as written on the site. The only modification I did make to the latter of the spell was that I said the prayer/blessing twice a day, I felt I was much in need. For me, this spell was very effective. I noticed a change fairly quickly and was happy with the results.

Freezer Spell

I often use a a very basic spell when I want someone to stop their snide/crappy/spiteful remarks. It involves tap water, sugar, a name written on a piece of paper, a container and a freezer. This is what it looks like:

Simplified & adapted freezer spell.

Simplified & adapted freezer spell.

Red ink is generally what I use to write my “target’s” name with. I use sugar to sweeten the person’s words/attitude/behavior etc. Freezing should freeze the target’s words/actions.  This spell  has worked for me. I witnessed it work immediately and was very satisfied with it, over time it does need to be re-done to keep it active I have found.

Today, I learned that this simplified freezer spell originates from hoodoo. (source) History and more defined application of the spell can be found at the site I linked to.  In the future, I will follow the directions found at “The Lucky Mojo” website and use an animal tongue, pins and alum and I will post the process here.

Pocket Charm

A handmade gift to me

A handmade gift to me

This sweet little charm was hand-made by a friend who created it just for me. It’s only a couple of inches long if that and is small enough to carry on my person daily (which I do.) It carries specific herbs inside. The shape suggests aid in sleep as well as love for oneself. The stitching, done by hand. My friend sang while creating it, instilling her wishes/spell inside.

I wear the charm everyday and it reminds me that not only is it possible for someone else to care about me but also that I care about myself. Just knowing that does help me sleep at night.