New Moon Blessing Manifestation

“New Moon in Cancer gives double, innovative power.Try water magick for protection, family, growth and financial stability. Your Magickal Challenge for today: Write 9 new moon wishes, put them in a glass of water, Sunday, dry out the paper and use the Leo Moon fire to burn your petition.” – Silver RavenWolf Author Page (source) I get notifications on FB from Silver RavenWolf’s page and this spell seemed great to try. The new moon fell on June 27, 2014. I took a blue inked pen and quickly charged it with my good thoughts which transferred to paper, and just like that it was in a glass (re-purposed jar) of water on my small bathroom window sill.

New moon blessing manifestation

New moon blessing manifestation

Just as instructed, I let it sit in the jar and watched it soak in the golden rays of sunset. I took a pretty photo of that too but decided not to overload you on photos in this post. Sunday, I let the petition dry. Once it was dry Sunday evening (didn’t take long) I found a nice clear piece of ground outside where to burn it.

Blessing petition burn

Blessing petition burn


The ash of a new moon blessing petition

The ash of a new moon blessing petition

Nothing but ash left, carried away by the evening wind into the great Alaskan sky!

**Update** Right after we burned the petition, me and my guy went for a walk and in the middle of the road he discovered a titanium ring that fit his finger perfectly. He collects this type of jewelry so it was such an awesome find! I believe it to be part of the “fast luck” request in my petition!


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