Freezer Spell

I often use a a very basic spell when I want someone to stop their snide/crappy/spiteful remarks. It involves tap water, sugar, a name written on a piece of paper, a container and a freezer. This is what it looks like:

Simplified & adapted freezer spell.

Simplified & adapted freezer spell.

Red ink is generally what I use to write my “target’s” name with. I use sugar to sweeten the person’s words/attitude/behavior etc. Freezing should freeze the target’s words/actions.  This spell  has worked for me. I witnessed it work immediately and was very satisfied with it, over time it does need to be re-done to keep it active I have found.

Today, I learned that this simplified freezer spell originates from hoodoo. (source) History and more defined application of the spell can be found at the site I linked to.  In the future, I will follow the directions found at “The Lucky Mojo” website and use an animal tongue, pins and alum and I will post the process here.


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