Locket used as pendulum

This evening I decided to try my hand at a form of divination using a pendulum. I used my heart locket which has a nice weight and long chain. In fact, it was a little too long so I shortened it. I am a shaky person so I steadied my arm by placing my elbow on the table, it took a few minutes to completely still the necklace. Once it was perfectly still, I asked it to show me “yes.” The locket moved in a circular motion to the right, quite strongly. I stopped it and then asked it to show me “no.” No was a counter clock wise motion to the left, also moving strongly. I thanked it and cleared my mind. Next, I asked the pendulum a yes or no question about something very important to me regarding tomorrow. It answered yes! I will act in faith that is right, being in frequency with the actions and energies I am sending out into my world.

**Update** August 15, 2014 – My question to the pendulum was if I would get a job with a certain company. The pendulum stated “yes.” I was offered a job with the company however, not the job that was my first choice. It was still correct, I am undecided if I will accept.


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