Witch Bottle

witch bottle

My first official attempt at a portable protection witch bottle. June, of 2015.

I made this personal size witch bottle to carry on my person. A witch bottle is often buried or hidden on a property or within the home. I used a found mini sized alcohol bottle that I cleaned and sanitized. My own urine and also an apple cider with the mother are used to fill the bottle. It has several different items placed inside, and the cap is sealed with black wax from a candle I meditated with. It is filled with my intentions, and no ill-will towards anyone. Only self-protection.

It’s my first official attempt at a bottle like this. In the future, I will also incorporate my hair/blood and or saliva.

*UPDATE 7/9/2015 – Last week I threw the bottle away. When I unwrapped it I saw the contents had turned completely black. Now, it could have been the ingredients in the bottle decaying naturally or as I choose to believe.. that the bottle fulfilled it’s purpose. I thanked it for it’s work! I had noticed a change in attitude towards me, when I was carrying it in my handbag.


Pocket Charm

A handmade gift to me

A handmade gift to me

This sweet little charm was hand-made by a friend who created it just for me. It’s only a couple of inches long if that and is small enough to carry on my person daily (which I do.) It carries specific herbs inside. The shape suggests aid in sleep as well as love for oneself. The stitching, done by hand. My friend sang while creating it, instilling her wishes/spell inside.

I wear the charm everyday and it reminds me that not only is it possible for someone else to care about me but also that I care about myself. Just knowing that does help me sleep at night.