Witch Bottle

witch bottle

My first official attempt at a portable protection witch bottle. June, of 2015.

I made this personal size witch bottle to carry on my person. A witch bottle is often buried or hidden on a property or within the home. I used a found mini sized alcohol bottle that I cleaned and sanitized. My own urine and also an apple cider with the mother are used to fill the bottle. It has several different items placed inside, and the cap is sealed with black wax from a candle I meditated with. It is filled with my intentions, and no ill-will towards anyone. Only self-protection.

It’s my first official attempt at a bottle like this. In the future, I will also incorporate my hair/blood and or saliva.

*UPDATE 7/9/2015 – Last week I threw the bottle away. When I unwrapped it I saw the contents had turned completely black. Now, it could have been the ingredients in the bottle decaying naturally or as I choose to believe.. that the bottle fulfilled it’s purpose. I thanked it for it’s work! I had noticed a change in attitude towards me, when I was carrying it in my handbag.


Micro-Moon 2015

cards collage

The Psychic Tarot deck by John Holland. Photographs are not of a reading, just cards laid out for the photograph. If you see a message, I am happy you came across it.

Tonight’s full moon is the smallest full moon of the year. We’ve heard it called the micro-moon or mini-moon. This March 5, 2015 full moon lies about 50,000 kilometers (30,000 miles) farther away from Earth than will the year’s closest full moon – the full supermoon and Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon – on September 28. The March 5 moon is the year’s farthest full moon because full moon and lunar apogee – the moon’s farthest point in its monthly orbit – both fall on the same date. – Via earthsky.org

That’s what I read yesterday and what inspired me to do some banishing type magick.  When I read “micro” I thought this would be an excellent time to use the power of the moon to help me reduce/minimize an unwanted habit/desire/thought etc until it was no longer visible within myself or my life.

It was a quick ritual, most of the prepping and intention set inside my home.  The rest performed outside, under the moonlight. It felt fantastic.  I didn’t use any particular wording this time, using only my mind’s eye to see what I desired to happen.  I also took out my “The Psychic Tarot” deck by John Holland and did a quick reading for myself and then, went to bed early to concentrate on taking care of my body & spirit.

The Cold Moon

cold moon

The Cold Moon, full and blinding white. Jan. 5, 2015

“O Nyx, whose darkness holds all the mysteries in shade,
O flame lit stars, whose golden rays with Luna light float near,
Black Queen who knows the untold desire that works our will,
Ekate Apotropaios Grant us your protection this night
from harm & malevolence as we give honour to you.” 

I followed my new tradition of drinking the reflected moonlight out of my cup of life-sustaining water. I read the words posted above that I found on this site, I breathed heavily as I expelled all the negative emotions and energy inside my body. During the full moon, I usually don’t work on banishing but this, this was an act of cleansing and pure intention. My greatest wish, were the words I repeated.

Cauldron of Underwear

I was in severe pain to that was accompanied by a headache, that was extremely oppressing.  Apparently, my chiropractor says that my muscles were over worked at yesterday’s treatment and massage. It was hours before I could see her and get the relief I so needed. Finally, after my visit with her I started feeling better. Resting was priority, but then overwhelming feelings and negative emotions over took me. Anxiety and self-hate creeped in.  I am really not sure why. I remembered a recent post by Silver RavenWolf (link) and performed her ritual. No photos for this one folks! However, I am feeling an improvement in my attitude.

The basics of the ritual: Take a pair of underwear of the person afflicted and boil in saltwater, while chanting. This will help to banish the negativity attached to the owner of the underwear.

New Moon Banishing Ritual

shells on stump

September 24, 2014 New Moon Banishing Ritual

On September 24, 2014 we entered a new moon. In the course of my studies I have learned that during a new moon it is a great time for banishing rituals/spells as well as “planting seeds” of positivity and desires/goals we wish to achieve. I recommend studying further into these ideas on your own as I am not especially versed in these areas in order to teach. In the photo pictured above you see three mussel shells. I chose 3, for it’s magickal properties. The shells are actually from a recent dinner, I cleaned and saved them for this purpose. I actually had a total of 9 but used 3 for this ritual.

shells on beach

My 3 mussel shells on the beach before I let them go in the current.

On the beach, right at the exact spot I chose  there was a Fireweed flower floating in the water. I did not notice the flower or place it there, my best friend and fiance actually pointed it out to me. I take this as a wonderful sign. During the moments before tossing the shells back into the ocean, I reflected on the three things I wrote on the shells. It was actually kind of difficult for me to allow the “overly critical” shell to be shown in the photo. Or, to actually be used in the ritual because I was fairly unhappy with my writing  of the letter “T” in critical.  A great reason to just let it go!

shell in ocean current

That which no longer serves me I RELEASE!

2 of the shells immediately went away very quickly in the tide. One shell floated on the water and close the beach. I ran along beside it, afraid it would actually come to shore. I had planned to throw it back out further if necessary, it was not. I feel like once I was finally ready to let it go, that is the moment when it went under the waves and out with the tide!

Goodbye to what no longer serves me! Goodbye!

(I failed to mention *tsk tsk* where I got the idea, please visit hocuspocus13 the blog is amazing)



Saturn Turns Direct!

Silver RavenWolf- “Saturn turns direct bringing his influence out into the open.Rules and limits?Yes- but vast rewards as well with better personal guidelines. Your Magickal Challenge for Today: Line up 3 small stones. Name 3 things you want to banish. Outside, throw the stones as hard as you can off your property, yelling “Be Gone!” Ahem. Just don’t hit anyone.” (source)

Later today, most likely around sunset (which will be late here in Alaska) I will throw my three stones! I am very much looking forward to Saturn turning direct!

**Update** I did throw my stones, that were actually bigger than most likely necessary just before midnight. It felt great to cast them off!

Hot Foot Powder

I have a bad neighbor. My neighbor has been testing my patience something fierce. I lived in a fairly quiet apartment building until she moved in, since then it’s up all night ruckus filled with illegal drug use and drunkenness. I will spare you any further details. I had recently read up on hot foot powder and decided with the new moon (a good time for banishing spells) falling on June 27th, 2014 it would be a great time to try it out.

I referred to Lucky Mojo’s hot foot powder info (source) and recipe from elsewhere (source.) With most of the ingredients on hand, including a sock that fell out of her laundry basket it seemed perfect. Using a sock is what Lucky Mojo’s calls “sympathetic foot track magic.”

cayenne pepper
black pepper
black mustard seed
High John the Conqueror’s root
gun powder (for quick results)

I originally thought the new moon would occur over the weekend and I realized I wouldn’t be able to acquire a missing ingredient – High John the Conqueror’s root, a friend recommended I graveyard dirt (which I have on hand) in it‘s place.

When I mixed the hot foot powder I discovered I also was missing black mustard seed (heavy sigh) so my guy provided me with gun powder and I went heavy on the peppers.

gun powder for hot foot trick

gun powder for hot foot trick


I got kind of excited while mixing the powder’s ingredients with my intentions and forgot to take a photo of the final product which I poured into her footie sock. I also wrote a message to my “enemy” in red ink on a piece of paper with my wishes, the paper was included into the sock with the powder.

I didn't have her name, so a substitute was used in the message.

I didn’t have her name, so a substitute was used in the message.

I employed a few different uses of the hot foot powder. I put inside her sock (even though I wouldn’t be able to get her to put it back on.) I walked backwards from the outside of our building sprinkling along her path and over her doorstep/welcome mat (skipping everyone else’s) and I tossed the sock over my left shoulder into the toilet (running water) and flushed.

I realize I made quite a few improvisations and substitutes, however it was a first effort and good experience.

**Update** Since performing this trick, my neighbor has not moved however I have noticed an increase of agitation and troublesome activity from her unit – it’s got to be only a matter of time. I also noticed her door mat has been pushed to the other side of the hall and that’s where it remains.

***Update*** July 4th, 2014 she returned to her apartment. Apparently, it had been quiet for a few days after the last big scene and she took off and didn’t return home until the holiday. She couldn’t get in her own apartment, someone must have let her into the building itself. For over twenty minutes she knocked, pounded, stomped and wailed to get into her apartment; finally someone let her in. She has not left the apartment since. Her welcome mat was put back in it’s place (not by me) but quickly found it’s way pushed away from the door again somehow.

****Update**** July 16, 2014, much has happened in the past two weeks. Including her door being busted into, two inches of wood now missing from her door as they were not able to enter. She has become drawn to our energy I believe and new actions must and have been taken.

*****Update*****August 6, 2014, my neighbor was evicted from the apartment. She is no longer in my building.