Ostara 2015

My altar was set up at midnight of March 20, 2015. The day prior I went for a walk outside looking for the evidence of Spring, you can see photos on my blog Cabin Fever Confessions. During my prayer & meditation I wore a ribbon crown, made with soft pink and yellow curled ribbons. I listened to a Ostara inspired YouTube playlist.

Using the selenite sphere gifted to me for me and my sweets 8th year anniversary, I cleansed my crown chakra. There is also a stone set out specifically for the fae. Spring time is a wonderful time to invite the magick of faeries into your life! Yesterday, I was looking at painted eggs from Russia in a local shop and completely forgot to purchase it for the altar. I think I will be making egg based foods today in honor of the season.

There were chants and displays of gratitude for the gifts that Spring brings us! Blessed Ostara to you all! Welcome Spring! We awaken you! Welcome Spring! We honor You!


Tarot Tuesday

I really adore Kelly-Ann Maddox of The Four Queens, through a post on her FB page I found Happy Fish Tarot.  Carrie of Happy Fish Tarot offers a free brief tarot reading with a short video as a part of “Tarot Tuesday.”

In May of this year, I sent Carrie an email of a general feeling I have had. She asked me for more information but I couldn’t give her much.  July 1st, she sent me an email that she posted my video on her site. You can find the info on how to email her for your own free, brief tarot reading also, in the link posted below.

(watch what Carrie has to say in response to my email question here)