Freezer Spell

I often use a a very basic spell when I want someone to stop their snide/crappy/spiteful remarks. It involves tap water, sugar, a name written on a piece of paper, a container and a freezer. This is what it looks like:

Simplified & adapted freezer spell.

Simplified & adapted freezer spell.

Red ink is generally what I use to write my “target’s” name with. I use sugar to sweeten the person’s words/attitude/behavior etc. Freezing should freeze the target’s words/actions.  This spell  has worked for me. I witnessed it work immediately and was very satisfied with it, over time it does need to be re-done to keep it active I have found.

Today, I learned that this simplified freezer spell originates from hoodoo. (source) History and more defined application of the spell can be found at the site I linked to.  In the future, I will follow the directions found at “The Lucky Mojo” website and use an animal tongue, pins and alum and I will post the process here.


Pocket Charm

A handmade gift to me

A handmade gift to me

This sweet little charm was hand-made by a friend who created it just for me. It’s only a couple of inches long if that and is small enough to carry on my person daily (which I do.) It carries specific herbs inside. The shape suggests aid in sleep as well as love for oneself. The stitching, done by hand. My friend sang while creating it, instilling her wishes/spell inside.

I wear the charm everyday and it reminds me that not only is it possible for someone else to care about me but also that I care about myself. Just knowing that does help me sleep at night.

Hot Foot Powder

I have a bad neighbor. My neighbor has been testing my patience something fierce. I lived in a fairly quiet apartment building until she moved in, since then it’s up all night ruckus filled with illegal drug use and drunkenness. I will spare you any further details. I had recently read up on hot foot powder and decided with the new moon (a good time for banishing spells) falling on June 27th, 2014 it would be a great time to try it out.

I referred to Lucky Mojo’s hot foot powder info (source) and recipe from elsewhere (source.) With most of the ingredients on hand, including a sock that fell out of her laundry basket it seemed perfect. Using a sock is what Lucky Mojo’s calls “sympathetic foot track magic.”

cayenne pepper
black pepper
black mustard seed
High John the Conqueror’s root
gun powder (for quick results)

I originally thought the new moon would occur over the weekend and I realized I wouldn’t be able to acquire a missing ingredient – High John the Conqueror’s root, a friend recommended I graveyard dirt (which I have on hand) in it‘s place.

When I mixed the hot foot powder I discovered I also was missing black mustard seed (heavy sigh) so my guy provided me with gun powder and I went heavy on the peppers.

gun powder for hot foot trick

gun powder for hot foot trick


I got kind of excited while mixing the powder’s ingredients with my intentions and forgot to take a photo of the final product which I poured into her footie sock. I also wrote a message to my “enemy” in red ink on a piece of paper with my wishes, the paper was included into the sock with the powder.

I didn't have her name, so a substitute was used in the message.

I didn’t have her name, so a substitute was used in the message.

I employed a few different uses of the hot foot powder. I put inside her sock (even though I wouldn’t be able to get her to put it back on.) I walked backwards from the outside of our building sprinkling along her path and over her doorstep/welcome mat (skipping everyone else’s) and I tossed the sock over my left shoulder into the toilet (running water) and flushed.

I realize I made quite a few improvisations and substitutes, however it was a first effort and good experience.

**Update** Since performing this trick, my neighbor has not moved however I have noticed an increase of agitation and troublesome activity from her unit – it’s got to be only a matter of time. I also noticed her door mat has been pushed to the other side of the hall and that’s where it remains.

***Update*** July 4th, 2014 she returned to her apartment. Apparently, it had been quiet for a few days after the last big scene and she took off and didn’t return home until the holiday. She couldn’t get in her own apartment, someone must have let her into the building itself. For over twenty minutes she knocked, pounded, stomped and wailed to get into her apartment; finally someone let her in. She has not left the apartment since. Her welcome mat was put back in it’s place (not by me) but quickly found it’s way pushed away from the door again somehow.

****Update**** July 16, 2014, much has happened in the past two weeks. Including her door being busted into, two inches of wood now missing from her door as they were not able to enter. She has become drawn to our energy I believe and new actions must and have been taken.

*****Update*****August 6, 2014, my neighbor was evicted from the apartment. She is no longer in my building.

New Moon Blessing Manifestation

“New Moon in Cancer gives double, innovative power.Try water magick for protection, family, growth and financial stability. Your Magickal Challenge for today: Write 9 new moon wishes, put them in a glass of water, Sunday, dry out the paper and use the Leo Moon fire to burn your petition.” – Silver RavenWolf Author Page (source) I get notifications on FB from Silver RavenWolf’s page and this spell seemed great to try. The new moon fell on June 27, 2014. I took a blue inked pen and quickly charged it with my good thoughts which transferred to paper, and just like that it was in a glass (re-purposed jar) of water on my small bathroom window sill.

New moon blessing manifestation

New moon blessing manifestation

Just as instructed, I let it sit in the jar and watched it soak in the golden rays of sunset. I took a pretty photo of that too but decided not to overload you on photos in this post. Sunday, I let the petition dry. Once it was dry Sunday evening (didn’t take long) I found a nice clear piece of ground outside where to burn it.

Blessing petition burn

Blessing petition burn


The ash of a new moon blessing petition

The ash of a new moon blessing petition

Nothing but ash left, carried away by the evening wind into the great Alaskan sky!

**Update** Right after we burned the petition, me and my guy went for a walk and in the middle of the road he discovered a titanium ring that fit his finger perfectly. He collects this type of jewelry so it was such an awesome find! I believe it to be part of the “fast luck” request in my petition!